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7 Reasons To Start Diamond Painting

The famous new hobby, called diamond painting, is a cross between cross-stitch and paint by numbers. Also known by other names as Diamond Embroidery, Paint with diamonds, diamond art and 5D diamond painting

Despite its name, diamond painting has nothing to do with diamonds and embroidery (in the generally accepted sense of the word). In fact, this type of needlework is a mosaic, and often that's what they call it. Finished work is a picture laid out of rhinestones. Having appeared relatively recently, diamond painting has already managed to fall in love with many. Here you can find seven reasons why you should start Paint by numbers. 


Making paintings using diamond embroidery techniques does not require certain knowledge and skills, including working with a needle, because for this type of needlework it is not needed at all.


Diamond Painting

Laying out a mosaic is not difficult at all and the sets for creating diamond paintings include all the necessary materials and tools, as well as instructions, following which,  you can achieve an excellent result for the first time.


Diamond Embroidery

Diamond embroidery is a very exciting hobby. You can spend your free time interestingly and stay safe at home. 


You can do diamond painting with your child. This type of activity will not only interest the baby, but will also be very useful to him, as it helps to develop fine motor skills of hands, thinking, instill a love of creativity, and avoid a long stay at the computer and TV. Paint by diamonds produces accuracy, perseverance, hard work, the ability to concentrate on something specific.


Pictures laid out of mosaics, amaze with their beauty. In the rays of the bright sun, rhinestones shimmer and shine. In addition, due to the fact that they are convex, the image looks very impressive.


diamond embroidery

The paintings made in this technique are durable. Rhinestones do not lose their color over time and do not fade.


paint by diamonds

Diamond mosaic will be an original gift and a pleasant surprise to relatives and friends.