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Complete Diamond Painting Guide For Beginners [2020]

by Jelena Ra on May 15, 2020

So you finally received your diamond painting kit that you ordered online from meiiss.com

You have been super excited to start your work on this interesting new project with its sparkles and tools, but you are a bit confused with all the things that have fallen in to your lap as you opened the packaging. You are not sure if you will be able to create the perfect art as you envisioned, and nerves start kicking in. Have no fear! For we have got you covered.

As every craft form requires, diamond painting also needs precision and concentration so that the end result is as amazing as possible. We decided it would be the best for our customers that we help speed up their journey to a perfect diamond painting artist, so we have certain tips and tricks for you here down below:

 1. Surface Matters!

Rule number one of diamond painting is to figure out where exactly you want to start your art. Diamond painting is a process of precision, concentration and deliberation. It is not a smart decision to begin at any random place that you find comfortable at the moment, because you may have to move the canvas or find it uncomfortable the next time you start. So, make sure that you:

A. Find a flat work-space, like a desk top, to begin.

B. Have a good lightning system accompanying your work-space because you will need proper light for your work.

C. Have a comfortable seat to perch yourself upon. It will not be fun having to move during your precious time of creating art.

Working on Diamond Painting Kit

2. What About the Canvas?

Imagine this: you open your brand-new diamond painting kit from ilovediamondpainting.com. you are excited to start work as soon as possible, but as soon as you unfurl your canvas, it rolls right back into its curled position, taking your excitement and motivation with it.

You can always combat this feeling of distress by doing the following:

A. Do not think of starting right away because you will have to give some time for the canvas to flatten out.

B. Use heavy books, paper weights or even your mattress to flatten out the canvas. Place the canvas on a flat surface, to begin with and flatten it out using the above-mentioned objects.

C. Do not fall for the ironing ruse! Ironing your canvas is a bad, bad idea since the canvas is adhesive and the heated iron will cause it to stick to the iron, ruining or even burning your beloved canvas.

Flattening the Diamond Painting Canvas

 3. Sticky Issues

There is nothing more exciting for a crafts lover than to start on a new project. But if the very first step of the crafts project somehow does not come up to the expectations, a mild panic begins to take over. This is exactly what happens sometimes with diamond painting canvas. If you take off the protective layer on the adhesive film, the adhesive film comes off too. There is no need to panic. Simply do the following:

A. Place the protective layer back on the canvas. Use a roller to gently press down on the protective layer. Peel off the protective layer from the other side of the canvas, where the adhesive layer is still intact.

B. As an alternative, use diamond painting glue for adhesion purposes.

C. In case the canvas is dried up, use a clear, thin, double-sided tape.

Diamond Painting Canvas Plastic Film Removal

4. Diamond Disruption

Imagine opening a packet of your precious, sparkling diamond for the first time ever and ending up having them fall all over the place. To avoid this sort of diamond disruption, do the following:

A. Carefully open the packets in a box to avoid diamonds falling all over the place.

B. Apart from using the grooved tray that comes with the kit, use household items like salt and pepper shakers, egg cartons, jewelry boxes or Q-tip holders to keep those lovely diamonds compartmentalized.

C. Label your containers for easy organization.

D. Make sure to be careful with labeling and storing, since the diamonds are small, difficult to manage and in different colors.

Diamond Painting Drills Containers

 5. Canvas Concerns:

When starting the process of buying and working on a diamond painting, it seems almost overwhelming because there is such a vast majority to choose from. We are here to help you choose the perfect canvas to work on:

A. If you are a beginner, opt for a canvas that is small and easy to work on. though complex and abstract canvases appeal to all, it is preferable to work on smaller canvas since the process can be tiring and demanding at times.

B. For beginners, round diamonds are best to work with because they are easier to use instead of square diamonds.

Round Diamond Painting Drills

Working on a canvas can become nettlesome due to a lot of diamonds and adhesive layer issues again, panic gets you nowhere. Do the following to avoid troubles with canvas:

A. It is highly recommended against to take off a big portion of the protective layer. The sticky layer can become troublesome, so peel off a small portion of the protective layer to begin.

B. Considering that the canvas lays upright on a desk, it is better to peel off from the side of the canvas that is on your left, if you are right handed, or vice versa, to avoid getting the adhesive on hands. Sticky residue is not only uncomfortable and hard to get off, but it also ruins the canvas, rendering you unable to complete your canvas the way you want.

Working on Diamond Painting Kit

C. Use a single color of diamonds at a time to avoid messing up your process. 

Diamond Painting Drills
D. In case you have put down the wrong color, gently tug it off the canvas. It is easier to put the diamond drills on the canvas than taking them off, but if you err, as all of us do, carefully take the drill off and replace it with the correct color. Apply gentle force to fix the drill in place.

E. Begin at the bottom of the canvas and work your way up. It is the most convenient way to work on the painting (and avoiding the uncomfortable sticky residue to get on your hands).

Diamond Painting Kit

 6. Using the tools:

Painting with Diamonds is a magical craft, and the innovative tools that help make the process smoother are even more magical.

Use the following tools to create your desired canvas:

A. Use a diamond painting ruler for an easier approach to diamond painting. The ruler has holes in it which coincide with the numbered indicators of the diamonds on the canvas. The holes in the ruler help to keep the drills separated yet fixed in the position. This is an easy way to keep the diamonds compartmentalized even on the canvas. To use a ruler, place it on a part of the canvas where you want to work on. Once you are done with the portion you have worked on, you can remove the stainless-steel ruler and move on to the next portion. Easy and fun!

Diamond Painting Ruler Tool

B. Support is a must for keeping your canvas intact. Use a diamond painting stand, available on Amazon, to support your canvas. The stand comes in different sizes and has built-in LED lights that help illuminate the painting. As a result, the process becomes easier.

Diamond Painting Stand

C. Don’t like things moving slow? Use a diamond painting wheel tool to quicken your pace. This new tool consists of a pen-shaped body with a “wheel” on one end, much like a toy car axle with one missing wheel. Instead of dipping one end in the wax, use the entire edge of the wheel. Roll this wheel into the grooved tray full of diamonds of one color, then simply roll it over the canvas so that the diamonds stick in bulk.

Diamond Painting Wheel Tool

D. Frustrated with a lack of light? Use a diamond painting light pad in case you cannot get a stand. The light pad is almost similar to a simple plastic board, but with built-in LED lights. The LED lights help to illuminate the canvas from underneath and hence help in making the process less tiresome, and in case of huge, complex canvases, less frustrating.


Diamond Painting Light Pad


7. Finer Finishes:

If you are a perfectionist, this particular list is a must for you to consider. Finer finishes to the diamond painting make the colors pop and sparkle more on the neat mosaic canvases, so follow these tips to make sure you get your desired results:

A. Use square drills instead of round ones as they give off a shinier look.

Square Diamond Painting Drills

B. Avoid pressing down the diamond applicator with too much pressure, otherwise, the diamonds will be covered with the wax that squeezes out.

Diamond Painting Roller Tool

C. If you get wax on the diamonds, clean them with a damp cloth and dry them before using.

D. Air bubbles in a canvas are an absolute nightmare because they destroy the neat look we all strive to achieve. In case that the canvas has air bubbles, take a small pointy tool, like a blade or a pin, and carefully make small incisions on the surface of the canvas. Be careful not to apply too much pressure; you do not want to tear the canvas apart. You can also use a steel scale to get rid of the air bubbles. Gently press down with a steel scale and move it across the protective surface of the canvas to rid it of air bubbles.

E. Dryer sheets can be placed among the diamonds to ensure that they are not sticking to each other.

F. Be gentle with the diamonds. Don’t use too much force when you place them on the canvas, otherwise, you may cause the diamonds to ricochet off the canvas and be misplaced.

Applying Diamonds on Canvas

G. If the condition of a curling canvas remains, use tape to secure the nettlesome canvas in place.

H. Work in portions that you know you can complete in one sitting. Removing and replacing the protective film, again and again, may cause the adhesive to wear off.

I. Use a roller to gently press down on the final piece. Again, make sure not to use too much force! You don’t want the diamonds to go popping off from the canvas.

J. To ensure a clean finish, use a pair of tweezers to remove any stray hair, lint or anything that may get stuck to your adhesive canvas.

K. Choose a piece you find beautiful. You should not work with something that bores you. Paint with Diamonds is supposed to be fun, not forced.

L. Frame your canvas and Seal the painting to protect your art.

Last but not the least: show it off!

Framed Diamond Painting
We really hope that you have benefited from our Diamond painting Tips today. You can suggest any useful tips in comments or suggest a better way to solve the problems faced while painting with diamonds. Your feedback is priceless for us.