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Hi, my name is Amanda and i'm founder of Meiiss Diamond painting.

I decided to start this business because of my passion to DIY and Crafts and especially to Diamond Painting.

Based on my previous online shopping experience, i realised that some retailers are not honest with their buyers and even selling low quality products. 

For me, highest priority in business is Your satisfaction. 

My team and i working hard to find best paintings and create High quality Diamond Painting Kits from it.

Art & Crafts have been around since the beginning of time and are certainly here to stay.  MEIISS team believe, and we're a little biased here, that diamond painting is about as much fun as you can have.  It's relatively inexpensive, easy to learn and in the end you wind up with a beautiful painting to frame and hang in your house or even give to a family member or friend.  If you have comments, suggestions, tips, techniques or stories about diamond painting we'd love to hear about them. 

Happy shopping!